Our fertilisers are plant-based and formulated using only the most natural ingredients. We ensure that your soil gets only what it needs and does not get contaminated with harmful ingredients leading to long-term damage and diseases.

Healthy soil is the future of your harvest, and our future towards sustainability.

Glory Fruits

We created this formula specifically for fruit trees. This is an all functioning fertiliser for fruit trees in terms of taking care of growing, blooming and production of fruits as well as maintaining quality and quantity. Expect a swiftly positive result from this fertiliser alone, with its richly packed nutrients and sulphur element. It directly improves crop taste and prevents stunt growth issues.


Free of animal waste and containing up to 17 types of amino acids, this organic fertiliser is designed to be suitable for all manner of crops from general harvest vegetables to plantation yields such as oil palm trees, coconut trees, rubber trees and other fruit trees. The organic matter contained within a single packet is greater than 90% with the remaining 10% being amino acids.


Designed primarily for home gardening, this lightweight fertiliser comes with resealable packaging made to be appropriate for home use and storage. It is semi-plant based designed to be suitable for all sorts of home grown plants, flowers and vegetables. Greatly improves blooming quality and quantity, enhances photosynthesis and cell division.


This product comes with the perfect ratio of elements which enables crops to absorb nutrients in the most balanced way possible. This fertiliser is meant to be used as a means of maintenance rather than a booster supply for a range of crops. It upkeeps crops by preventing loss of nutrients after fruit production. Suitable for oil palm, coconut, rubber and durian trees.


This particular product offers flexibility based on consumer needs! The foundation of this formulation will be entirely based on the specificity of issues faced with your current range of crops. You can ensure our mixtures will be detailed to ensure a more effective yield based on the health and state of your crops.

Superb Growth

This is a high phosphorus compound fertiliser which is effective for all kinds of plants. The ingredients are gentle and mild but results are noticeable within a short span of time. The high soluble NPK and additional ingredients, all formulated with American Technology makes this the primary choice for your crops.

A Plantation that Thrives.

After all, we all share the same home ultimately. Earthly fertilisers for businesses that impact the world in the right way.
HanWoei is a fertiliser manufacturer for B2C purposes. We are on an ecological mission , headlining sustainability and focus on environmentalism, all the while maintaining the health of you and your plant life.

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